Year 12 Life Skills Shopping Trip

Some of the Year 12 students have been continuing with their regular life skills sessions. Mr Lee spends each Friday morning with the pupils helping them to feel confident in the local community.

We are currently working on a healthy eating topic. The students have researched some healthy meals. We found that a fresh vegetable wrap contains many of the food groups that we need.

This led to a practical trip to the local supermarket at Clapham North. The students made the short walk through our local community. Plenty of adult support was offered. Road safety was considered in great detail.

Each student had a specific task to complete once we arrived at the supermarket. Some class members were tasked with finding the food on our shopping list. Other pupils helped to pack the food, with another group paying at the till.

It was then time to prepare our wraps back at school. The students followed a recipe sheet carefully. It gave instructions on how to chop, grate and dice the ingredients. Our wraps included cucumber, avocado, cheese, carrots, peppers and spinach leaves.

The end result was a tasty lunchtime snack for the students to enjoy. Year 12 are encouraged to use these skills at home and create their own wraps.

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