British Red Cross Training for Lansdowne Students

We were very pleased to welcome Jane from the British Red Cross into our school for a couple of days towards the close of the spring term. The Lansdowne School Council had requested some first aid training. Jane was able to help pupils from Year 8 to Year 13 with her expert knowledge.

The sessions started with a discussion about the British Red Cross. Students were asked to share any knowledge that they already had about the charity.

The main focus for our learning was everyday first aid. Jane explained how these are skills that might help us to support to someone in need whilst we are out in our community.

This led to a discussion about what type of help we might be confident in offering, and what type of help we would be willing to offer. The students worked in small groups looking at different first aid situations. They were asked to report back on how they could give support.

We then watched a short video. This explained how if one persons stops to help someone in need, then this often leads to others also being able to give support.

The first aid session finished with a practical CPR exercise. Jane helped each student to offer CPR treatment on a rubber dummy. We saw how we need to hold our hands, and where and how to put on the pressure.

We would like to thank Jane and the British Red Cross for very kindly offering the time to help our students improve their everyday first aid skills.

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