Year 12 Bake Tasty Chocolate Cup Cakes

Year 12 spent the first morning of the new summer term baking some delicious chocolate cup cakes. Food tech teacher Mr Evans spoke about the importance of making the precise measurements with our ingredients. Guesstimates were also used for instructions such as ‘a quarter of a tablespoon.’

The students are expected to work independently during these sessions. Adult support is always available if needed. The class members are presented with an ingredient and recipe sheet. They follow the instruction in sequence.

Questions are asked throughout by Mr Evans and staff member Claudia. Most of the students were able to identify that it was the baking powder in our cup cakes that helped them to rise.

Safety was a key feature when using the oven. All students are responsible and confident when taking the cakes in and out of the oven.

The finishing touch to our chocolate cup cakes was to add a layer of icing. The Year 12 students were then responsible for cleaning up their own food tech work spaces.

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