Year 7 Share Easter Holiday Memories

The Year 7 pupils have returned after the holidays keen to share their experiences of the Easter break. We have been using our class tutorial time to catch up with our friends and improve our communication skills.

Each class member took it in turns to speak to the rest of the class about what they did during the break. One class member went to Dubai to visit a family member. He very kindly shared some photos from the trip.

Other updates included a trip to Devon, playing tennis, visiting a museum and swimming with family families.

Questions were encouraged from Year 7 tutors Lisa and Amy. We are using our tutorial time to improve the speaking skills of the students and to help them with their sentence formation.

A short movement break out in the playground was used to refocus our minds. The pupils then returned to talk about what they had learnt over the break. One class member announced that she has learnt how to bake bread.

We will be continuing with the Mini Achiever trophy in Year 7 this term. This is awarded at the end of each week to the class member who has achieved high with their learning aims. The trophy can be taken home during the weekend so our families can share in our success.

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