Final Revision and Coursework for Year 11 Humanities

The Year 11 students are working hard on their humanities exams and coursework. Some of the students are sitting the GCSE exam. We have spent the final few weeks revising our existing knowledge and preparing exam techniques.

One of the key themes in the exam paper is to show an understanding of both Christianity and Islam. The students have been looking at some deep life questions, and then researching how each religion views these.

We have been using some prompt cards to help with this work. The pupils match up a word related to this topic with another card giving the correct definition. Examples include Sanctity of Life, Evolution and Euthanasia.

The Entry Level humanities students have been studying Australia as our key theme. The students have been researching the geography, history and religions that can be found in the country. This work is assessed throughout the year as part of the Entry Level qualification.

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