Lively Lansdowne School Choir Rehearsal

The Lansdowne School Choir is continuing to rehearse with Mr Gratton every Thursday morning. We then showcase our musical talents as part of the Friday morning achievement assembly.

The Choir is expanding the repertoire of songs. Our sessions usually start with a vocal warm up ahead of the work ahead.

A recent addition to the Choir has been some musical accompaniment from a couple of Year 12 students. They have been learning the piano and guitar parts for some of the popular Choir songs during their music sessions.

The main focus in recent week has been to learn the words and makaton signs for Michael Jackson’s Man in the Mirror. This is a song that most Choir members are familiar with outside of school. It contains some words that we have not used to sign out before.

Mr Gratton has been adding a new verse each week. The pupils are making great progress. They are almost ready to introduce the song into our achievement assembly performance.

Other Lansdowne favourites that have recently been rehearsed include Jump, Tomorrow and Wild Thing.

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