Year 7, 8 and 9 Welcome La Retraite Students

We recently welcomed some Year 10 friends from La Retraite School in Lambeth to Lansdowne. Our visitors were keen to work with the Lansdowne pupils as part of their coursework. The aim was to help to organise a special event. Pupils from Year 7, 8 and 9 at Lansdowne took part.

We worked in small groups to help think of ideas for our special event. The La Retraite visitors led the sessions. They helped the Lansdowne pupils to structure their ideas and work as a team to plan their special event.

Many different ideas came from the Lansdowne pupils. One of the groups was keen to organise a party. Another idea was to plan a school trip.

The La Retraite students were able to develop these ideas further. They helped the Lansdowne pupils to think about what type of party they would like to organise, or which Museum they could visit.

Every detail was considered. This included food options, transport details and even invitations to each special occasion.

The co-operation between both schools on this project has helped everyone involved. The Lansdowne students were able to improve their confidence with their communication skills. Our friends from La Retraite valued the support they were given for their coursework.

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