Following Instructions in Year 7

Recent drama work in Year 7 has had the aim of helping the pupils to follow instructions. We have created some beautiful origami pianos to help with this learning. The class members needed to listen carefully to every stage to complete the process.

This was also a great activity to help develop the fine motor skills of the pupils. Some very careful and precise folding was needed.

Once our origami pianos were made we listened to some piano music on the class whiteboard. This then led to a drama game that involved involved following instructions.

A dice was rolled. Each outcome had a specific piano activity associated with it. Number one was to play your piano with two hands; number two was to stretch your fingers ahead of playing etc. The idea of the game was to recognise the activity associated with each number.

We finished our drama session with some music and movement. The Year 7 pupils have some great dance moves that they like to share with one another.

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