Lansdowne Students Visit the Building Centre

A selection of Year 9 and 10 students had a great time during a recent trip to the Building Centre in central London. This is an architecture centre and galleries with exhibitions related to contemporary building and design. We were keen to learn about the work of architects.

We arrived at the Building Centre and were invited to view a giant model map of London. This filled the entire floor of one of the rooms. Our friends at the Building Centre helped the students to pick out London landmarks such as The Shard.

It was then explained how models are important for architects. They help them to visualise how cities might look if we add in or take away certain buildings.

The Lansdowne students were invited to use some virtual reality headsets to explore the London landscape. We also used a touchscreen presentation to see how London has grown in recent years.

Our next stop was to visit the offices of a nearby architecture firm. All pupils were presented with a laptop to work on during the session. We were introduced to some specialist software called Sketch Up.

Each student was asked to design their own building. They had to think about who it might be used for and what purpose it would have. Presentations were given at the end of the session with professional feedback on offer.

We would like to thank the Building Centre and the team of architects that we worked with for making everyone from Lansdowne feel so welcome.

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