Year 10 Frankenstein English and Drama

Year 10 have combined their English and drama work with some acting involving the Frankenstein story. We are studying this text in detail during our English lessons.

Class teacher Mr Martin was keen for the year 10 students to use their creativity and use parts of the story in a modern day setting. We took the example of Victor Frankenstein acting strange in front of his friend Henry. This plot was transported to the setting of a fast food restaurant.

Mr Martin asked the actors to build up the scene together. They needed to establish a setting, some dialogue and think of a suitable conclusion. One of the class members volunteered to direct the short scene. Other pupils took on acting roles.

We soon had a highly improvised short burst of drama using our Frankenstein knowledge as the inspiration. The characters were able to display their feelings. This work helps to support our knowledge of the text that we are reading.

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