Year 12 PSHE Emotional Wellbeing Coursework

The Year 12 students are progressing well with their Entry Level Emotional Wellbeing coursework. The syllabus covers areas such as handling stress, tackling bullying and discrimination. We also have one student sitting a GCSE examination in this subject.

A recent class discussion considered what is meant by discrimination. We spoke about the many ways that someone might be discriminated against. These included race, gender and sexism. The main message from class teacher Mr A was that everyone has the same rights as one another.

This led to the students considering their use of social media. We spoke about everyone still has a responsibility to treat everyone with respect when we use online platforms.

New vocabulary was introduced. We defined stereotype as having a fixed opinion of another person.

Some of our coursework has addressed how we can handle emotions. The students have described actions and attitudes that we can adopt to overcome certain feelings.

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