Year 12 Students Prepare for Work Experience Week

The Year 12 students are preparing for their end of term work experience placements. These will take place during the final week of June.

Head of School Mr Juckes has been working to find suitable placements for each pupil that matches their career ambitions and skills.

Some of the students will be spending a week in the PE department at Christ Church School. Another pupil is looking forward to working at the Clapham Library as part of his work experience.

These placements are a great opportunity for the Year 12 students to pick up new skills. They can also start to think about careers options after leaving Lansdowne.

A follow up programme of learning is in place for when the students return. Each pupil will be asked to reflect on their experience and to consider how this has helped them with their future ambitions.

You can listen to one of the Year 12 students sharing his thoughts ahead of his work experience at Clapham Library in the recording below.

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