Year 8 Compose and Record Music using Computers

The Year 8 pupils have started a new music topic following the half term break. Our main aim is to create and record own music using computers. Different software packages will be introduced to help reach this goal.

Our first session saw an introduction to Audacity. This is a piece of software that helps the students to have an understanding of how music tracks can be mixed.

Music teacher Mr Gratton guided each class member through the recording process. The pupils were asked to create their own audio track. A second beatbox track was then recorded. Both of these were edited together.

The Year 8 pupils were asked to explore some of the effects that be produced using Audacity. The students adjusted the pitch and speed, and also added some echo.

We shared our early recordings with our friends at the end of the lesson. One of the highlights was a vert personal tribute rap to ex-Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger!

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