Year 12 Build Brixton Model Based on Life Skills Learning

Some of the Year 12 students are coming towards the close of their Life Skills learning unit. Each Friday we spend a little time in our local community. The aim is to help the students feeling confident in their area and to gain independent skills.

Many places have been visited over the past year. We have borrowed and returned books from Brixton Library, been on a visit to the Ritzy Cinema, enjoyed Papa’s Park, looked around Slade Gardens as well as many trip to the local shops.

All these short trips have been documented with photos. The next task was to build a model of Brixton so that we could place our photos and knowledge of the local area in the correct locations.

Each pupil has been working on a set task. Plenty of cutting, folding and sticking was required. This is great for improving the motor skills of the students. The end result will be a memory map that captures a fantastic year of learning in Year 12.

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