Year 9 Interview Local Brixton Resident about Changes

The Year 9 students had the chance to interview a long-standing Brixton resident about the many changes taking place in the area. This was an English lesson initiative organised by Mr Martin. We have been studying the history of Brixton during our English lessons.

Local resident Carole very kindly agreed to come to our school to meet the Year 9 students. She has a background in financial and commercial management. Carole’s career has seen her work in the UK and the USA setting up themed hotels.

Her passion is for her hometown of Brixton. She was the perfect person to pass on her experience of how our area has changed over the years.

Carole spoke about shops that have long since disappeared from the High Street. We also got to hear about the types of transport that have been used in Brixton in the past fifty years.

One of the strong themes in Carole’s presentation is how Brixton has become a party town. She had some strong ideas about how the town can be cleaned up.

Year 9 were then given the opportunity to ask questions to Carole. The students have been preparing ideas about information that they would like to find out about Brixton. This was an opportunity to interview a local expert.

Carole was able to offer up some very thoughtful answers. Year 9 were left to consider how Brixton has changed, and what type of changes may yet still to come.

We would like to thank Carole for very kindly giving up her time and professional knowledge to help Year 9 with their studies.

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