Sports for Champions Circuits with Ezekiel Ewulo

All year groups recently took part in the Sports for Champions project with long jumper Ezekiel Ewulo. Students raised money for the school and to help Ezekiel’s own personal training. In return Ezekiel gave up his time to lead some circuit training sessions.

Four different activities were set up. Ezekiel was able to give his professional coaching knowledge. He helped each pupil with spotty dogs, squat thrusts, press-ups and star jumps.

The workstations were designed to help encourage the pupils to continue with their exercises at home. Ezekiel explained that they were ideal activities that could be repeated with our favourite music.

The morning of circuit training came to an end with a presentation ceremony. Students that had raised outstanding sponsorship money were given signed photographs.

We would like to thank Ezekiel for very kindly volunteering his time to learn a little more about Lansdowne School. Two students from Year 13 provided superb support in helping to coordinate the session.

You can catch up with some of the videos from the Sports for Champions morning below.

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