Year 7 Food Tech Mashing and Mixing Skills

The new Year 7 pupils have settled in well to their weekly food tech sessions. Class teacher Miss Anderson has been helping each pupil to feel safe and confident whilst working in our food tech space.

Each lessons starts with a reminder of the Lansdowne FRESH rules. We have spoken about the importance of Following Instructions during these lessons.

A recent lesson saw the pupils improve their mashing and mixing skills. On the menu was a tasty guacamole dish served with pitta bread.

Miss Anderson asked the class what are the first two tasks that we always need to complete at the start of a lesson. One class member was able to answer washing our hands and putting on an apron.

We had a reminder of the key rules in the food tech space: no running, and be careful with sharp and hot objects.

Year 7 then took it in turns to read out the recipe instructions. These involved collecting the equipment, scooping out the avocado, mashing it up and then adding salt, pepper, lemon and yoghurt.

The pupils were invited to have a taste of their guacamole. Miss Andersons asked the class members to describe the taste.

Next up on the menu in Year 7 will be some fruit kebabs. This will help the pupils to improve their chopping skills.

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