Guided Reading Progress in Year 7

The Year 7 pupils have been carrying out some great work as part of their guided reading sessions. These take place every morning for all students at Lansdowne School. The aim is to raise the reading and writing skills.

Year 7 have been focussing on different letters during the first half of the autumn term. Class teacher Miss V has been supporting the pupils so that they can say, recognise and write each letter.

Guidance is given on how to improve the letter formation. Miss V has been helping the Year 7 pupils to improve their flicks and joints. The students are asked to distinguish between lower and upper case letters.

When a class member feels confident, a full sentence containing the characters is written on the board. These are then added to our guided reading books.

Each pupil is asked to take responsibility for their work. We use the traffic light system at the end of each session so the students can express how they felt about their work. This helps the teaching staff to focus future support.

Year 7 are working towards using a blend of letters later on in the term. We will be introducing different phonic sounds and using these in our guided reading learning.

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