Year 13 Students Bronze and Silver Art Awards

The Year 13 students have been continuing working towards their Bronze and Silver art awards. These are qualifications that involve many hours of preparation for our coursework, plus some original thought to add to our work.

The students sitting the Bronze award have been working with wire frames and tissue paper to create a window lantern. This work started with a 2D design. We then added to this to create some stunning 3D window lanterns.

The next step will be for the students to scale up their work using a wither frame. This is a very soft piece of wood that becomes flexible when soaked in water. We will be designing a frame, and then adding in the tissue paper.

The Year 13 students working towards their Silver award have been able to choose the themes that they would like to work on. One student has been researching the work of artists whose work is connected to the body.

This has led to a study of the use of hands in art. Photographs have been taken of hands in the art studio. These are being developed to create a piece of jewellery using the image of hands.

Another Silver student has produced some stunning original photography. She has been experimenting with techniques using the theme of nighttime. Some powerful black and white photos have been taken. A hint of colour is then added to bring out some detail in the image.

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