Year 8 Write and Act Alternative Matilda Scripts

Year 8 have been working on writing and acting out some unique scripts as part of our drama sessions. These are based around the class text of Roald Dahl’s Matilda that we are reading during our English lessons.

Our drama activity usually starts with a circle time warm up. A ball is passed around the circle. Questions are asked by class teacher Miss P to the pupil who is holding the ball.

The first question was: how are you feeling today? Miss P encouraged the students to elaborate on their answer.

The pupils were then asked what is your favourite colour?. They were also asked to describe something in the natural world that was of the same colour. The whiteboard was used for any pupil with non verbal skills.

The final question was: did you prefer the first day of term or the last day of term? We received some interesting answers.

Our main activity was to improve on the Matilda scripts that were started in the previous lesson. The aim was to write an alternative dialogue using the knowledge that we have of the main characters.

These were then acted out for our friends to enjoy. Miss P helped the pupils to think about how we can change our voices when switching between characters.

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