Great Suggestions from Lansdowne School Council

The Lansdowne School Council recently had another full meeting with plenty of ideas on the agenda. Each class has a representative. The Cllr’s ask their friends for any ideas that they can raise at the meeting.

Head of School Mr Jukes opened the meeting by confirming that copies of the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid book would be arriving soon. This is something that has been requested by some students.

One of the Year 10 Cllr’s asked about having a Star of the Week certificate for horticulture. This is a recent addition to the syllabus for the Year 10 pupils.

A discussion took place about playing football during break times. Staff and students continue to work on ways to make the sessions safe and friendly for everyone to play.

There was a request for the after school Cycling Club to return. This was run during the summer term by our friends from Wheels for Wellbeing. Mr Jukes is hopeful that they might be able to return.

An update on the Reading Champions was given. This is a scheme that helps to promote a love of reading within our school.

The meeting finished with one of the sixth form students asking about the choices available for work experience. The Year 12 students are currently thinking about the type of work places that they would like to attend.

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