Year 10 Design Greenhouses During Gardening Lessons

Year 10 have started a new part of their horticulture project. For the past few weeks the students have been planting fruit and vegetables, watering them and carrying out some weeding.

We have seen how the school polly tunnel is the ideal environment for plant growth. Our new Working Under Cover module has a similar theme.

Year 10 held a class discussion to establish what this might mean. One of the pupils was able to list the benefits of using the polly tunnel or a greenhouse to help with plant growth.

The students will be spending the next few weeks at designing and building a mini-greenhouse. Re-cycled plastic bottles will be the main material. Class members have been asked to bring these in from home.

Year 10 will be keeping photo diary to document their project. Deadlines will be set for each stage of the planning to be completed.

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