Year 11 Take Part in Job Interview Technique Workshop

The Year 11 students recently completed a jobs interview technique workshop. We welcomed into our school Kate from the organisation Sparks. Three industry representatives also kindly added their experience.

Kate introduced the session by helping the pupils to define what we mean by an interview. It was explained that this is a two way process with both sides having the opportunity to ask questions.

Our workshop then looked at how we can plan for an interview. This included paying attention to our appearance and thinking about what we might say during the interview.

The students were asked to select some of their skills from a list of words that were available in the classroom. The next step was to write a short sentence to explain how we are able to offer this skill in a work situation.

The second half of the workshop involved mock job interviews taking place. The industry professionals interviewed each student. The pupils were asked to talk about their interests and what type of career they would like to work towards.

Each student was given detailed feedback at the end of the exercise. This can be used to help improve our techniques during genuine interviews. We would like to thank Kate from Sparks and the three guests who kindly gave up their time to offer their guidance.

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