Lansdowne School Council Update

The first Lansdowne School Council meeting of the new school year started with some introductions. New staff member Holly was keen to get to know all the Cllr’s.

Head of School Mr Jukes congratulated School Council for their hard work in helping to organise the Winter Fair. Mr Jukes said that this was a great effort from all Cllr’s with £225 being raised for our friends at the Brixton Soup Kitchen. One of the Cllr’s explained a little more about his visit to the Kitchen over the holidays.

Feedback from class members was then passed on by the Cllr’s. Some early suggestions were mentioned for the annual school trip during the summer term. Mr Jukes is keen for all pupils to be involved as we consider ideas for 2019.

One Cllr then raised some suggestions about the school tuck shop. He asked if it was possible to receive three items instead of the current two with a praise postcard. School Council also discussed the range of stock in the tuck shop.

The agenda then looked at the after school clubs. One of the Cllr’s came up with the idea of a Craft Club. Mr Jukes explained that Mr Hilton will soon start an after school Enterprise Club. This will include craft based activities that we will then look to sell on.

Bake Sales are always popular at Lansdowne School. One of the Cllr’s passed on the feedback from class friends to hold more of these. The pupils enjoy preparing the cakes during food tech lessons.

There was a request for some more instruments for Mr Gratton’s after school Rock Band club. We already have one electric guitar. Some positive feedback was given towards the drumming that all pupils are currently learning as part of their music lessons.

Finally feedback was given on the Cinema Reward event that took place at the end of last term. The idea to reward good behaviour with a film screening came from School Council. The students enjoyed Invincible 2. Staff member Mikita was thanked for helping to organise the event.

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