Y11 Pupils Prepare for GCSE and Entry Level Art Exams

The Year 11 students have started preparation on their GCSE and Entry Level art exams. Plenty of work has already been completed on our portfolios. These will make up 60% of the final mark. The remaining 40% is allocated to the exam.

The next stage is to decide on a theme for the ten hour art exams that will take place in March. The students were given their exam papers at the start of the spring term. This is to help them to prepare and to consider the options available.

Art teacher Miss Jordan talked through the exam process with each pupil. Four objectives need to be achieved: developing ideas, experimentation, recording the ideas and presenting our work.

The subject matter for the 2019 exams includes mirrors, boxes, birds, signs and home. The Year 11 students have been asked to research the work of some suggested artists as a starting point. We will then help the pupils to prepare their ideas for the exams.

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