Y10 Music Listening Survey to Help Develop Vocabulary

Some of the Year 10 students have started work on their Step up to English qualification. Our current unit is based around different types of music. The students have been asked to design a survey to find out what type of music staff and students enjoy listening to.

The pupils have asked visitors to our class to take part in the survey. We have worked together as a team to help improve our question asking skills.

The next step was to interpret the findings. Year 10 were asked to identify what was the most popular style of music and what was the least popular. Our written work has involved writing a series of statements based around our survey.

Year 10 have also shared some listening time together. English teacher Mr Martin has introduced the students to the idea of different musical genres.

The pupils have listened to various styles and identified the type of music. We held a class discussion to decide where each genre originates from. One conclusion we reached was that the United States is the home of some of the most popular musical styles.

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