Y13 Students Prepare for Silver and Bronze Art Awards

The Year 13 students are working towards their Silver and Bronze art awards. The Silver category requires each student to show effective art leadership. This involves passing on the skills that they have to younger pupils.

Each student has been asked to follow a plan for their project. This might need to be revised to help meet the aim of showing leadership.

The practical part of this project will be to carry out a supervised lesson teaching other pupils in the school. The Year 13 students have been asked to choose a subject area which they have a good understanding. Lessons are being planned around photography and creating moulds.

The final task will be to stage a presentation to Lansdowne teaching staff to evaluate the project.

Bronze students have been working on a project that has two strands: (i) art as a participant and (ii) art as an audience.

The first stage has seen students working with screen printing, clay and creating cards. The second part will involve the pupils visiting art exhibitions and documenting their experiences.

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