Year 9 Introduction to Judaism

Year 9 are continuing with their study of major world religions as part of our humanities learning for the spring term. We usually start each lesson with a literacy warm up. This helps the pupils to recall some of the key words that we use during the lessons.

Our current focus is on Judaism. The pupils have looked at the Ten Commandments. A description of each Commandment has been written next to a picture in our books. Year 9 have also written their own ten life rules to help us with modern living.

We then looked at special places of worship. A recent lessons saw an introduction to a Jewish Synagogue. We looked at pictures taken outside three major world Synagogues. The class members were asked to describe what they thought each building might look like inside.

The pupils will next learn about the Jewish Torah. We will be exploring why this is such a special text and how Jewish people treat the special scrolls.

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