Year 11, 12 and 13 Students Take Part in Work Experience

Students from Year 11, 12 and 13 have been taking part in the Lansdowne School work experience project since the start of the calendar year. This is a fantastic opportunity for the students to consider what they would like to achieve once they leave Lansdowne School.

The start of this process is for the students to work with school staff and decide which areas of work interest them. The Lansdowne staff then work with our career partners at Spark! to help match these placements. 95% of work preferences were successfully placed this year.

We are proud that the 2019 work experience scheme has seen Lansdowne School partner with:

The Park Plaza Hotel

Mime Consulting

Local shops

London South Bank University Sports Centre

Clapham Sports Centre

Hillmead Primary School

JCC Motors of Brixton and

The Prince Edward Theatre in the West End.

A pre-placement interview takes place. This is for the Lansdowne students to feel comfortable ahead of their first day of week and to understand the expectations.

Work experience itself lasts for five days. The school is able to support students with transport if they can’t travel independently.

A work experience diary is kept by each pupil. This is to evaluate their work and to offer feedback to the business partners. The school also receives feedback on the students.

We would like to thank the businesses that have been so helpful to our students. One-on-one mentors are provided. This is a very generous offer to help increase the opportunities for our pupils.

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