Year 11 English Coursework Preparation

The Year 11 students are working on different activities during their English lessons. One Year 11 class member is analysing the content in a magazine. Each article has been described and annotated. The final task will be to write a letter to a friend reviewing the magazine.

Some of the students are preparing for their GCSE examinations. The current focus is to complete the coursework.

One of the themes is Fake or Fact. This involves the students looking at the idea of fake news. A key skill has been to identify what is misinformation.

The students have looked at the style of writing in news reports. The coursework also requires the students to explain why it is important for us to identify fake news.

Finally one of the Year 11 students has been researching the police force. He is keen to have a career working with the police. The research has looked at what is required to do the job. Written work has backed up this activity.

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