Year 10 Prepare to Plant in New Playground Beds

The Year 10 horticultural students are continuing with their practical gardening skills. The pupils recently visited the community greenhouses at Brockwell Park. We were able to look at some of the crops being planted ahead of the summer season.

Each class member completed a worksheet listing the seeds that have been planted. These include chillis, beetroot and narcissus. We followed up this work back in class with some research about the natural habitats for each species.

A separate project is also underway to create some newspaper plant pots. These will be used to sew the new season of seeds as we approach spring.

The Year 10 students will look after the plants in their plant pots until they are ready to be placed outside. New growing plots are currently under construction in our playground. Our friends at Roots and Shoots are creating a growing strip for each year group.

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