Year 7 Introduced to the Lansdowne Ninja Circuit!

The Year 7 pupils have returned after the half term break with plenty of enthusiasm for the Lansdowne Ninja Circuit course! This is an obstacle course that all students throughout the school take part in.

It involves many different skills. The pupils are able to use the gymnastics and trampolining techniques that we have been learning throughout the year.

Top Lansdowne Ninjas need to be able to climb through apparatus, balance on a beam, slide down a bench, cross the stepping stones, move over and under some benches, demonstrate forward rolls and finally end with a vault onto a bench.

The pupils are encouraged to explore their use of space as they gain confidence. Adult support is always available.

Plenty of practice takes place during the lesson. We end each session with the students being timed as they complete the course. Tips are shared about how we can improve our performance for the next session.

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