Year 8 Scary Play Character Descriptions

Year 8 have started to read new text during English lessons for the second half of the spring term. The pupils have been introduced to the Scary Play story.

Our lessons usually start with a warm up exercise involving the Word of the Day. English teacher Miss Pappa introduces a new word. The challenge is for the pupils to write a descriptive sentence involving this word.

This is an individual piece of work. Prompts cards are made available to help with the sentences.

Adjectives have also been the focus for our Scary Play reading. The students are now familiar with all the characters. We have written a brief description of each person in the play to help with our understanding.

Miss Pappa asked each class member to include as many describing words as possible. One technique that helped with this exercise was to draw a picture of each character. The students could then describe their appearance and choice of clothes.

A second group of learners in Year 8 have been writing about their daily routine. Prompt cards have been used to help sequence the main events from waking up in the morning to going to bed at night.

We have taken photos of the pupils acting out each activity. These were used to write a short descriptive sentence.

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