Productive Lansdowne School Council Meeting

A recent Lansdowne School Council meeting started with some feedback following a visit from a special guest. We recently welcomed a visitor who was keen to learn about how all pupils at our school are included in every activity.

Head of School Mr Jukes reported back to School Council that the feedback was very good. Our visitor was impressed with the work experience opportunities, our links to local colleges and the new start training students can benefit from.

Individual Councillors were then given the chance to raise any points on behalf of their class friends. One Cllr spoke about the wet play arrangements. Mr Jukes reminded the Cllr’s that all the lunchtime clubs still stake place during a wet play break.

A short presentation followed from Year 13 Cllr Tyreak. He came well prepared to the meeting with a strong presentation exploring ideas to improve the playground facilities.

Tyreak spoke about adding new basketball hoops and nets for the goals. There was also the suggestion of ground paint for snakes and ladders or noughts and crosses. Tyreak even offered some diagrams that he had sketched out.

Mr Jukes thanked Tyreak for having the initiative to prepare a presentation for School Council. The suggestions made will be passed on to the school management team to consider.

Another Cllr raised the opportunities available for work experience. We are proud of the different business sectors that we are able to offer as placements. Mr Jukes spoke about the process which involves a pre-work experience interview.

One of the older students is keen to set up a Year 7 buddies scheme. The idea is that the Year 12 or 13 students will partner up with a Year 7 pupil and act as their mentor. Plenty of volunteers are keen to take on these roles. Mr Jukes is also interested in setting up the scheme.

Another topic discussed was the use of reading diaries. The Cllr’s agreed to encourage their class friends to use the diaries more often to help improve their reading skills.

The final item for School Council was to wish good luck to the Choir members who are preparing for a performance on stage at the South Bank Centre. We will be leading other schools with our expert singing and signing skills for All You Need is Love.

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