Year 7 Food Tech Cookies and Pancakes

The Year 7 pupils have made great progress in the Lansdowne food tech space. Class teacher Miss Anderson is helping each pupil with their individual learning needs. The aim is that they can become confident in using the kitchen equipment

One group of learners recently helped to bake chocolate chip cookies. The first tasks involved washing our hands, wearing an apron and heating up the oven.

The cookie dough had already been prepared. The pupils were asked to roll this into a small ball. We then used a fork to flatten the dough. The cookies were placed on a baking tray and then left to bake in the oven.

Another group of Year 7 pupils had plenty of fun preparing their pancakes. Miss Anderson spoke about the recent Pancake Day and why some people choose to celebrate it.

The pancake batter had been prepared earlier. The key skill for the pupils was to be able to use the kitchen hobs safely.

A small amount of butter was melted in a frying pan. The pupils had to judge when it was starting to spit. We didn’t want to burn the butter and spoil the taste of our pancakes.

Our recipe sheets instructed the pupils to add one scoop of batter to the centre of the frying pan. Once again the pupils were asked to judge when they thought one side of their pancake had been baked. The tip was to look for the small bubbles popping.

The most exciting part of the task was to flip the pancakes over. The pupils used a spatula to help with this. A topping of either banana or honey was chosen to complete the finished pancakes.

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