Year 7 Art and Textile Work

The Year 7 pupils have produced some wonderful work during art and textile lessons. Our recent art lessons have involved the class members designing and making 3D boxes. These were stitched together and then assembled.

Sewing skills were also needed for the pencil cases that were created as part of our textile lessons. Colourful designs were sketched out first. These were then copied using matching fabric and sewn together.

The next major textile project in Year 7 will involve creating some emoji fabric banners. Each class member will choose a suitable emoji.

Jute fabric will be the main base for the designs. Year 7 will learn about where in the world this comes from, and why it is suitable for sewing.

The texture of the jute will also be used to help the children with strong sensory needs. We will also be thinking of some adjectives to describe the textile.

Different types of stitches will be taught during the lessons. These skills will then be used to create the final emoji design.

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