Lansdowne Work Experience Interviews Workshop

A group of students from Years 11, 12 and 13 have started to plan for their future work experience. We welcomed into our school our friends from Spark London, an organisation that helps young people with their career options.

The aim of this session was to prepare for interviews. We started by considering what makes a good interview. The students heard how an interview is a two way process and an opportunity to market yourself.

Some role play took place. One of the students was asked to show positive body language. Another student looked at the ground and not was interested in the situation. It soon became clear how important it is to appear positive.

The students were then asked to select a number of words that were made available to describe their skills. These included characteristics such as enthusiasm, creativity and being organised. Sentences were then written to show evidence of these skills.

The second part of the workshop was a series of practical interviews. These were with industry representatives who kindly gave up their time to help the Lansdowne students. Each pupil was partnered with a professional.

This was a chance for the interview skills to be demonstrated. Hand shakes, body language and selling our personal skills were all used.

We would like to thank Spark London for leading with this workshop. The students are now ready for their initial interviews ahead of their work experience.

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