Year 8 Science Space Topic

Year 8 have started a new science topic for the summer term. We will be learning about space and the solar system over the coming weeks.

Our learning started with Science teacher Mr Adams asking the students about their existing knowledge. The class was able to brainstorm most of the planets that make up our solar system.

We then watched a short video to add some more detail. This helped the pupils to understand where the planets can be found in relation to one another.

The main learning objective for the first lesson was to explain why we know that the earth is spherical. The students looked at different historical periods to see how cultures sometimes thought that the earth was flat. Each class member wrote a short sentence to explain why this isn’t true.

Our introduction to the solar system finished with a look at Google Earth on the class whiteboard. We were able to zoom in and locate Lansdowne School on the map.

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