The Engine Shed Workshop at Lansdowne School

Lansdowne School was very pleased to recently welcome some visitors from The Engine Shed. This is an organisation that helps young people with learning needs to work together using model railways.

This was a taster session for pupils throughout the school. The aim was to assess the level of interest ahead of hopefully offering a model railway after school club. We witnessed plenty of enthusiasm across all age groups throughout the day!

Each session started with the simple of instructions of explore and have fun. We wanted to see evidence of students working together to see what they could build in small groups. This was an exercise in learning through play.

The resources available to the pupils were amazing! Two main tracks were constructed: a plastic train line and a wooden one. Both lines were able to run push trains and electric trains.

The students explored the options available. Bridges were built, as well as signal crossings that allowed the trains to change tracks. The pupils experimented by adding extra carriages and seeing what happened to the speed of the train.

Some of the sessions were mixed up. It was great to see the older students helping out some of the younger pupils. We were also joined by some of our friends from our Federation partners at Turney School.

We look forward to hopefully holding the first model railway after school club after the half term break.

One thought on “The Engine Shed Workshop at Lansdowne School

  • June 12, 2019 at 3:17 pm

    I really like the pictures because I can see people playing with the toy trains. I really like the lesson because you get a train and track.

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