Lansdowne School Choir Rehearsals

The Lansdowne School Choir continues to meet and rehearse each Thursday morning. Music teacher Mr Gratton helps the pupils to improve their singing. Our expert makaton signing staff member Mikita makes the sessions accessible for everyone.

Some of the older students are also given responsibilities. One pupil provides a fine job in managing the laptop and large whiteboard to display all the song lyrics.

Our Thursday sessions usually start with a warm up. The Choir members are led through a high to low pitch by Mr Gratton. Animal noises are also sung in the same key!

We have started work after the half term break on a new song. The Choir is rising to the challenge to sing and sign Umbrella by Rihanna. This contains many new makaton signs. The pupils are hopeful of performing the song soon during a Friday achievement assembly.

Our session finished with some powerful performances of a couple of Lansdowne favourites: I Feel Good and Jump.

One thought on “Lansdowne School Choir Rehearsals

  • June 12, 2019 at 2:31 pm

    I think choir rehearsals are really fun because you get to sing and do signs . The children in the picture look really happy and they are enjoying there selves . I would always like to be in choir rehearsals . It always makes people expressing there feelings and not being sad . Choir has lots of songs that they can do and they do allot of signs I think they can do actions as well . They can have more people come into choir and have more people with guitars and some people singing into a microphone .

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