Year 7 Start Musical Rhymes Topic

The Year 7 pupils have started a new music topic looking at the use of rhyme in songs. We started our learning by thinking about what is meant by two rhyming words. One of the class members was able to explain that this is when two different words sound similar.

We started the lesson with a musical warm up. Music teacher Mr Gratton asked for song suggestions. We weren’t short on choices! Roar, Jump and Umbrella were all sung enthusiastically by the pupils.

A quiz then took place to help with the rhyming words. A large number of picture cards were spread out on the classroom tables. Mr Gratton chose one card, and then asked the pupils to find a rhyming word and picture. This is a theme that we will build upon in future weeks.

One thought on “Year 7 Start Musical Rhymes Topic

  • June 12, 2019 at 3:22 pm

    I really like music because it helps my to relax.
    I would like to join the music club next year.

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