Year 8 Food Tech and the Environment

The Year 8 pupils have started a new food tech topic for the second half of the summer term. We are learning about food and the environment. The pupils will research how the environment is affected by the food that we eat.

Our learning started by looking at the use of plastics in food preparation. Pros and cons were identified. One class member said that packaging helps to keep our food fresh. Another friend responded by saying that the plastic can damage animals. Future lessons will look at how we can use less plastic.

Practical food preparation will continue alongside this topic. A recent lesson saw the Year 8 pupils prepare a healthy Caesar salad.

Food tech teacher Miss Anderson introduced the ingredients that were needed. Class members were asked to describe the taste of each item.

Recipe sheets were then given out for each pupil to follow. They were encouraged to work independently. The most fun part was using the magic egg slicer!

A short written exercise ended the lesson. The pupils were asked to write a sentence to describe their meal. A word bank was available to help with the choice of adjectives.

The final task was to check the food tech bins. Food tech teacher Miss Anderson was pleased to see that the Year 8 pupils had placed each material in the correct re-cycling bin!

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