Year 11 Look at London Life in English and Drama

Recent English lessons in Year 11 have involved the students thinking and writing about their life living in London. Many different themes have been explored. These include thinking about what London in the future might look like.

Some of the students have carried out a survey amongst their friends about London. This looks at what they enjoy about living in the capital.

A final activity required the Year 11 students to write a letter to a friend who wasn’t from London to explain more about travelling around the city. The pupils were asked to explain more about the different forms of transport and how they all link up together.

Another group of Year 11 learners have used their London knowledge to create a mind map. Iconic images such as Tower Bridge were used as the starting point. The pupils were asked to describe in their own words what they can see.

This work has also crossed over into our Year 11 drama sessions. The group has worked together to brainstorm a story that involves travel. Details such as location, props and a plot have been considered. We will act out our story in future lessons.

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