Year 11 Consider Achievements and Plan Future Aims

Year 11 are reflecting on the past school year and looking ahead to when they return as sixth formers in September. Recent English lessons have involved the students considering what they have achieved in Year 11.

This work started off as a group conversation. Each class members shared their achievements as part of a listening session. It was great to hear many proud moments covering school work and leisure time.

Work experience achievements was a strong theme. All the students have had the opportunity to spend some time this year in a professional work situation.

One of the students mentioned that he was proud of his Sports Day achievements. He also added that he now an independent traveller at the start and the end of the school day.

Another achievement was the social skills that one of the pupils has managed to achieve. This includes making new friends and having the confidence to socialise at break times.

Some high aims were set for the new school year in September. We will be looking back on these as the new term develops to see what progress has been made.

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