Autumn Term Science Experiments in Year 13

Year 13 are following a programme of enrichment science for the coming year. This builds upon their existing science knowledge with subject matter that is relevant to the world around us.

The students have wasted no time in devising and setting up their first experiment. The aim was to investigate the temperature when salt is added to ice.

The preparation started with 100ml of water poured into plastic cups. These were then placed in a freezer. The same amount of water was used to keep this a fair experiment.

Once the water was frozen, different measured amounts of salt were added to the ice at regular time intervals. The students used a thermometer to take the temperature of the ice as it started to melt.

Science teacher Miss McNie asked the students to also describe what was happening at each stage the temperature was recorded. Some great questions were asked by the class members.

A graph was then plotted to log the results. The Year 13 students were able to conclude from the graph that adding salt lowers the freezing point. We then understood why salt is often used to help keep away the ice on freezing roads.

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