Living Numbers Maths Lessons in Year 11

The new Year 11 students are already working hard towards the exams that they will be taking towards the end of the year. Pupils will be entered in Entry Level 2 and 3 maths, as well as Functional Skills Level 1.

Our first few lessons of the new term were spent recapping on our existing knowledge. Addition, decimal places and number bonds all featured. Other learners focussed on matching shapes and using everyday objects for addition.

Year 11 will shortly be introduced to Living Numbers. This is a new addition to the Lansdowne curriculum. The aim is to provide functional real life money skills and problem solving.

Role play will help the pupils to achieve these aims. Maths teacher Mr Hilton will set up mock supermarkets, cafes and cinemas. The students will rotate roles between being a cashier or a customer. Till and money floats will be used.

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