Year 7 Start Maths Shapes Topic

The new Year 7 pupils were welcomed to their very first Lansdowne maths lesson by class teacher Miss V. Our first task was to recap the school FRESH rules. These are the guiding principles that keep our school a safe place to learn.

The new pupils were able to remember:

Follow instructions

Right place, right time

Everybody deserves respect

Speak politely

Hands and feet to yourself.

Miss V was impressed to hear that the Year 7 students were able to remember our FRESH rules.

Our first topic for the new term is patterns. We started with a brief discussion to explain what we mean by a pattern. Number patterns were mentioned, as well repeating colour patterns.

The class members were asked to design their own patterns using the many resources in our maths class. Some of the students focussed on colours. Other pupils placed patterns on some templates for winter clothing. This will form our first Year 7 maths display.

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