Life Skills in Year 10 as Pupils Prepare for Afternoon Tea

Year 11 have started work on planning a grand afternoon tea! This is part of our weekly life skills learning session.

The first topic has seen the pupils learning about afternoon tea. The key learning objective was to understand what is meant by afternoon tea and what we eat and drink.

Class teacher Lisa started the lesson by reading with the pupils a short passage to introduce the subject. It was then time for the students to make some choices.

They were asked to identify when afternoon tea takes place: in the morning, afternoon or evening? Picture resources were used to help with this task.

Two choices were then given about the drink: tea or coffee? The Year 10 pupils were able to choose the tea option.

A similar exercise was completed to identify the food that we enjoy with afternoon tea. The pupils chose sandwiches and cakes, rather than fast food.

Future lessons will look at where we can buy the ingredients we need to prepare an afternoon tea. This will lead to some planning ahead of staging an afternoon tea event for school friends and staff.

The Year 10 pupils will make a shopping list, buy the ingredients and then prepare the food. We will also design the invitations for our guests.

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