Class 12M Do Something Nice Day Assembly

Class 12M recently staged a thoughtful school assembly. The theme for our presentation was National Do Something Nice Day. This takes places on 5th October.

Our assembly asked our friends to consider how we can all get along at Lansdowne School. Research for the assembly took place during our class tutorial time. All class members had a speaking part.

The audience heard examples of some of the small acts of kindness we can carry out. It was explained that many small acts can lead to the whole school feeling happy. Class 12M displayed some photos of them being kind to others around the school.

Our assembly concluded with Class 12M asking the audience for three positive acts they could carry out during the day. This was a confident assembly from the pupils. It was the first assembly for a couple of our new students in Year 12.

Head of School Mr Jukes thanked the students for delivering a very uplifting assembly. It was mentioned that one of the favourite awards at Lansdowne is our Kindness Awards.

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