Lansdowne School Choir Entertain in Assembly

The Lansdowne School Choir helped a recent school assembly to get off to a lively start with a couple of strong performances. Each week Choir Leader Mr Gratton rehearses with the Choir ahead of the assembly. Expert signing tuition is provided by staff member Mikita.

Our Friday morning burst of energy saw the Choir performing Man in the Mirror, followed by Umbrella. It is great to see some of the new Year 7 pupils being supported by the older students.

Head of School Mr Jukes then explained that it will soon be time to elect a new Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl for the school. Three candidates bravely stepped forward to deliver some powerful speeches.

Stars of the Week awards were handed out by Mr Jukes. All curriculum subject areas are represented, as well as other activities such as swimming, signing and life skills.

Kindness Awards were presented to students who have helped staff with their stock, and unpacked the delivery for the food tech kitchen.

Class 12RM was awarded the Star Class of the Week for the second time this term. Mr Jukes commented:

“You can’t argue with 100% tick marks!”

Our assembly came to a close with Happy Birthday being sung to six students who are celebrating this week.

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